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High speed operation

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Shandong Jinluban group transportation development co., LTD
  Shandong Jinluban group transportation development co., LTD, shandong Jinluban group co., LTD., a wholly owned subsidiary, was founded in July 2016, the registered capital of 10 million yuan, with the highway investment, construction, fee, operation management for the main business. At present, the company in a heart highway (LuJi bound) to Texas Xia Jin section of 70.6 km, shall have a main toll station, three places on ramp toll station, service area and park area each pair.
Companies adhering to the group of "loyalty, conscientiousness, cooperation, share" core values, in order to "innovation, civilization, fast and efficient" for the development of ideas, committed to the development of the transportation enterprise, to build a powerful province of shandong economy and culture to make due contributions.
DE high-speed toll station in shandong
Deshang highway
DE shang highway (LuJi bound) to Texas Xia Jin period of Texas is a national highway system to shangrao highway (G3W) starting road, is also a ring closure by "eight vertical and four horizontal" in shandong province highway network in vertical "eight" and "one ring" is an important part of. Project total length of 70.6 kilometers, the main line 41 kilometers, feeder 29.6 kilometers, the main line from the wucheng county can dispose LuQuan township tuen xin factory CunDong (LuJi bound), via high-speed networking HengDe big wide high-speed, docking the beijing-tianjin-hebei economic zone, after Wu Cheng, xiajin county, south connected qingdao-yinchuan expressway. Project line 1 in the service area, parking area 1, the main toll station, ramp toll station 1; The project total investment 3.519 billion yuan, with four lanes highway construction standard.
DE shang hebei direction at a high speed

Wu cheng west

High speed

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