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  Shandong luban engineering materials co., LTD., located in known as the nine day qu of dezhou city, formerly known as dezhou highway administration material supply, in January 2007 for the restructuring and reorganization of shandong gold ruban group subsidiaries, registered capital of above ten thousand yuan, operates, branches, Texas ruban automobile service co., LTD.
Materials, the company covers an area of 7 square meters, with ten thousand tons of asphalt repository, timber market, railways, gas stations, and laboratory automation SBS and MAC modified asphalt production line 6. Store sales, business scope covers: asphalt modified asphalt processing, building materials sales, sites and house lease, weighing measuring notarized. Prior treasure lubricating oil company at the same time, temperature, mixing agent products, respectively in 2011 made the French fine treasure of lubricating oil in shandong agent and high profit (EAGLE) of warm mix asphalt mixture additive in Texas agency and ruban luqiao both concrete products processing, and various other subsidiary size precast prestressed concrete bridge panel and girder, etc.

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