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Highway engineering supervision

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       Traffic engineering supervision company has 20 years of engineering supervision qualification, special class a qualification of highway engineering with the ministry of communications, the ministry of communications special independent qualified independent bridge special supervision, the ministry of communications tunnel special special class b qualification certificate, the ministry of construction, highway engineering supervision, across the country to engage in one, two, three types of highway engineering, bridge engineering, tunnel engineering construction supervision, technical and economic consultation service, has passed GB/T19001 - ISO9001 quality system certification.
Currently there are 83 senior engineers, engineers, 206 people, the department of transportation supervision engineer 180 people, professional supervision engineer 148 people, professional supervision engineer 50 people, high, intermediate economist, accountants, 18 people, 35 registration issued by the ministry of supervision engineer, supervision PeiXunLv 100%. Company laboratory has passed the qualification of provincial communications department, was approved as "b" grade highway engineering test and inspection agencies, with large and medium-sized test equipment 500 units (sets), has the independent ability of experiment and testing.
Company since its inception has been adhering to the "fair, scientific, integrity, self-discipline" the supervision policy, conscientiously implement the provisions of the contract and relevant standards and technical standard, for the implementation of the comprehensive quality supervision, construction units and owners won wide praise. Supervising business in Beijing, tianjin, shandong, hebei, guangdong, fujian, shaanxi, sichuan, jilin, gansu, qinghai, Inner Mongolia, xinjiang and other 13 provinces, municipalities directly under the central government. Has successfully completed the day high-speed, high-speed shangchuankou in qinghai province, shandong province economic high-speed, high-speed economic DE, chatting with three high-speed, high-speed wei wu, rong highway, jiqing the downtown section of grey horse, qingdao-yinchuan high-speed, high-speed marina DE, 靑 near high-speed, high-speed near jujube, economic high-speed, high-speed DE shang, east high-speed, high-speed peng habitat, big wide high-speed, in hebei province of Inner Mongolia under the tower new high-speed, high-speed, Beijing shaanxi ning chess, high-speed, high-speed 10 days in gansu province during high-speed, high-speed Kang Lin, ancient high-speed, high-speed jilin ji grass, tianjin binhai new area such as west outer ring highway more than 40 both highway and sichuan luzhou taian Yangtze river bridge, the Qingdao bay bridge, foshan Kowloon bay bridge, east of the Yellow River highway bridge reconstruction project and so on the super-large bridge construction supervision work, currently under construction projects in rizhao airport to Shen Hai high-speed cable engineering, the taian Gao Qinglan line - the company (including the Yellow River bridge), the Gao Qinglan line the company bound to liaocheng (LuJi bound), rizhao, lanshan to heze to zaozhuang heze section, guangdong huizhou avenue east extension cord reconstruction project, successfully set up the good image of supervision enterprise.

Highway engineering supervision

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