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Highway engineering construction

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  The Group has devoted itself to the road and bridge industry for more than 50 years, inherited and developed the good brand of "Shandong Road", formed a complete road and bridge industry chain, possessed 2 super-grade qualifications for general contracting of highway construction, 11 second-grade qualifications for general contracting of highway construction, and 1-Grade professional contracting for general contracting of municipal public works, subgrade, pavement and bridge engineering. Highway industry design class A, highway traffic engineering safety facilities professional contracting class 1, external engineering construction contracting, tunnel engineering, ready-mixed commercial concrete, garden greening, Highway Test and testing, highway engineering supervision class A qualification, special independent bridge special supervision qualification, special independent tunnel special supervision qualification, Engineering Grade A qualifications of Highway Engineering Design (Highway), Grade A qualification of Engineering Survey (Engineering Survey), Grade A qualification of Engineering Consultation, Grade B qualification of Municipal Engineering (Road Engineering, Bridge Engineering), Grade C qualification of Surveying and Mapping, etc. With an annual construction capacity of 10 billion yuan, it has completed construction, design and supervision tasks for more than 4,000 kilometers of expressways and trunk lines in China and other provinces. It has also undertaken design and construction projects in Senegal, East Timor and Pakistan, with a cumulative output value of over 40 billion yuan. In recent years, the group has gradually increased investment in scientific research and strengthened scientific and technological innovation, and made remarkable achievements: successfully approved the "provincial enterprise technology center"; approved three state-level industrial laws, 17 provincial (ministerial) level industrial laws; approved 30 national patents, including 6 invention patents; 2 industry standards have been promulgated and implemented; He won the China Highway Construction Association's scientific and Technological Achievements Award, and the 1 technology was awarded the Dezhou science and technology award.
He has successively won the Shandong Province Highway Engineering Quality Project, Shandong Province Science and Technology Progress First Prize, Shandong Province Excellent Survey and Design Award, National Highway Construction Industry Excellent Enterprise Members, National Contract-abiding Reputation Units, Shandong Province Spiritual Civilization Units, Shandong Province Safety Production Advanced Units, Fumin Xinglu Labor Award, Worker Pioneer Number and so on. Honorary title.

Highway engineering construction

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