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shandong jinlubangroup co., LTD., as "AAA dezhou harmonious labor relations unit"

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    Recently, dezhou city human resources and social security bureau, dezhou city federation of trade unions, dezhou economic and information commission and dezhou city chamber of commerce and industry awarded group AAA "dezhou harmonious labor relations unit" honorary title, the human resources department comrade Zhao Yang was voted "the advanced individual of dezhou harmonious Labour relations".

Group since its inception, adhering to the people-oriented, harmonious development of the business philosophy, to build a harmonious labor relations, respect and protect the legitimate labor rights and interests of employees as to strengthen enterprise management, the important measures to promote the sustained and healthy development of enterprises.
Group human resources department in accordance with the law, sign labor contract with employees, timely pay the "five social insurance and one housing fund", in the immediate interests of the employees in the human resources work in the first place, timely and accurately grasp the staff's interests, and for the employees to solve the problems in the labor relations, to healthy and harmonious labor relations, promoting enterprise development.

Promoting the construction of harmonious labor relations in the future, the group will further work, efforts to build a standard, equality, justice, enterprise mutually beneficial working relationship with employees, promote employees to the company's identity and belonging, contributions to achieve sustained harmonious development of the group.

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