Group Profile


  Established in December 2006, Shandong Jinluban is located in the hometown of Confucius and Mencius – Shandong with the reputation of “One Mountain, One River, One Sage”, which possesses profound cultural connotation. Since the ancient time, the strategic status and transportation region have been of peculiar importance. Now, the status in the crossing of two major economic circles, Bohai Economic Circle and BeijingTianjin-Hebei Circle has displayed greater advantages. 
  Depending on the policy and resource platform, Shandong Jinluban Group gives play to the strengths as a state-owned enterprise, accelerates transformation and upgrading, and now has become a first-class industrial development service provider in China, with the scale of assets over 30 billion Yuan. 
  At present, we have nearly one hundred wholly-funded and shareholding subsidiaries, with businesses covering the mainland, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Pakistan, East Timor, Ghana, Ethiopia, Senegal and other nations and regions. 
  In recent years, Shandong Jinluban Group actively handles the changes of market, positively adjusts the industrial structure, engaged in capital operation, construction of industrial park, procurement and sales of construction materials, logistics and trading, clean energy, organic agriculture, garden greening, hotel operation, cultural media, education & medical treatment and other multiple distinctive industries, and constructs a sound industrial system that is featured with diversity, multiple perspectives and collaborated development. 
Shandong Jinluban Group sets up longterm strategic partnership with multiple governmental departments, corporates and financial institutions, integrates the strengths from multiple sides, and combines resources. With urban sustainability as the strategic standing point, we facilitate the regional urbanization by integrating multiple industries, satisfies urban operation demands from urban construction, public services to sustainable development at a high efficiency, drives the industrial settlement and development, devotes to setting up the new operational and ecological mode that is characterized with the trinity of “government, industries and capital”, and forges the leading new urban operation enterprise and industrial development service supplier in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. 

We always stick to serving society and facilitating industrial development as our mission, adhere to the corporate spirit of “faithfulness, refinement, cooperation and sharing”, aim at becoming a modern 100-billion-level group, and spare no efforts to be a competitive and internationally firstclass enterprise. 
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