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Dezhou shunyi property management co., LTD., founded in April 1, 2005, the registered capital of 3 million yuan, has the property management level 2 qualification. Company existing staff 200 people, which has the property management of the professional qualification certificates issued by the ministry of construction of 50 people, all kinds of engineering, water and electricity, fire protection, the elevator specialized personnel more than 30 people. Now serving the luban royal garden village, royal international community scene, royal international sales offices, shandong jinluban group scene one estate sales offices, office buildings, China LeLing royal longshan sales offices, scene scene longshan village project, such as management area of 800000 square meters.
In order to make the company's property management and service more professional, standardized and institutionalized, in June 2009 the company adopted the ISO9000 quality system certification, really integrate with the international property management, established a "window".
Great property company always adhere to the "wholeheartedly for you, let you be the best" service concept, fast and considerate service, management, scientific and effective, affection to win customer satisfaction with eternal home, for the purpose of the company!
We implement fully enclosed to the village property management mode, the company customer service must be enthusiastic reception patiently every owner, also responsible for the entire village owner of file management, guarantee the owner the confidentiality of the information. Do on-call maintenance and achieve the "four" "five". Namely: door-to-door service with badges, overshoes, placemat, rags. Don't bother for the owner, owner don't drink a mouthful of water, no owner a cigarette, not disorderly owner a penny. "Three a" security services, and in old age and to carry the weight of the guest take the initiative to "lend a hand" "held a" "a push by heart" service for the owners, business property from the heart.
Our property company has broken the traditional business model, actively integrate resources to carry out a variety of business, was founded in January 2016, the "great property company service center", to operate the project are: domestic cleaning of airplane, flowers, clothing dry cleaning, pet, gold ruban organic food factory, in order to achieve the purpose of full service owner, has been set up at 4:30 "small class" "small table", etc.
Great property company pursues the "service first, strives for perfection, standardized management, innovation and progressive" business policy, always take the customer as the center, implement the "standardized management, service affection", "want to customers think, do customer needs, providing customers with high quality service", to create high standards of service system, with the first-class brand, first-class service to customers, the first in the property management industry comprehensive brand.
                                          Get the honor
1, dezhou shunyi property management co., LTD., was named "defend the contract heavy credit enterprise".
2, 2006-2007 was named "municipal consumer satisfaction units".
April 3, 2008, dezhou city construction committee awarded the dezhou grows stronger property management co., LTD., "building energy efficiency speech contest organization".
April 4, 2008, dezhou city construction committee awarded the dezhou grows stronger property management co., LTD., "building energy efficiency excellence award" the speech contest.
5, 2008-2009 was named "municipal consumer satisfaction units".
January 6, 2009 ruban imperial garden district dezhou outstanding property management community.
January 7, 2010, won the title of provincial excellent residential area property management.
January 8, 2010 ruban royal garden district won the award for the "dezhou district garden".
September and November 2012, the shandong province housing and urban and rural construction department awarded the ruban imperial garden district as "provincial garden-like residential area".
May 10, 2017 LeLing ruban royal longshan village scene for "2016 municipal outstanding property management project"

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