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Dongying City Yellow River Delta International Logistics Port Investment Co., Ltd. was jointly invested and established by Shandong Jinluban Group and Dongying Economic Development Zone State-owned Assets Operation Co., Ltd.. The registered capital of the company is 100 million yuan, of which Jinluban Group accounts for 85 % of the total share capital. The state-owned company accounts for 15 % of the total share capital. The company's business scope includes: investment, construction, operation, and management of modern logistics projects and related industries.
The International Logistics Port is located in Dongying City Economic Development Zone, the central city of the Yellow River Delta. It starts from Dongba Road in the West, the canal in the East, Nanyi Road in the North, and Guangli River in the South. Dongying City is located at the intersection of the Northeast Economic Zone to the Central Plains Economic Zone and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Economic Zone to the Shandong Peninsula Economic Zone. It is the junction of the Yellow River Economic Cooperation Belt and the Bohai Rim Economic Circle, facing the Korean Peninsula and the Japanese archipelago across the sea.
Around the park are Dongying Port, Guangli Port, Dongying Airport and the planned construction of the Huangdongda and the Bohai Rim Expressway. The 350 km radius can cover 11 prefecture-level cities including Jinan, Qingdao, Yantai, Beijing and Tianjin. It is becoming an important interaction area for the convergence of North and South logistics.
The park is located at the intersection of the main trunk road(Nanyi Road) and Dongba Road in the Dongying Economic and Technological Development Zone, 8 kilometers east of Guangli Port, 10 kilometers north of Dongying Airport, 7 kilometers west of the urban center, and along the second road. West to Rongwu Expressway 15 kilometers. Guangli Port Shugang Railway(the branch line of the development zone, which has been included in the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan") passes along the north side of the logistics port. The multi-modal transportation pattern of highways, railways, ports, and aviation has been formed, and the transportation advantage is very obvious.

Construction content
Dongying yellow river delta international logistics port project is a modern large-scale integrated intelligent logistics Park project. The total investment of the project is 1 billion yuan, covers an area of 402 acres, and has a building area of 270,000 square meters. It mainly builds business facilities such as zero-load warehousing and transportation centers, urban distribution centers, logistics information trading centers, company apartments, and exhibition and sales centers.
The LTL Storage and Transit Center is located in the central and eastern part of the park. It has built seven LTL cargo storage and transfer warehouses and supporting loading and unloading operations areas, covering an area of 137,000 square meters and a building area of 75,300 square meters. It mainly provides services such as cargo assembly, storage, loading and unloading, circulation processing, regional distribution, transportation and distribution; The city distribution center is located in the central part of the park and builds 2 distribution areas in major cities. It covers an area of 63,000 square meters and a building area of 59,100 square meters. It mainly provides home appliances, department stores, food and other social consumer products, public storage and packaging, processing, and distribution., urban distribution and other logistics services; The Logistics Business Center is located in the southwestern part of the park. It builds a cargo information storage building and a logistics headquarters building. It covers an area of 22,600 square meters and a building area of 45,200 square meters. It mainly provides cargo information distribution, cargo loading and trading, and park management., administrative support and other services; The supporting service center is located in the northwest of the park. The construction department takes apartments, logistics display centers, catering facilities, integrated service centers and fast hotels. It covers an area of 43,900 square meters and a building area of 77,500 square meters. It mainly provides park accommodation, catering, and logistics. Display and other supporting services.
Service location
Dongying yellow river delta international logistics port project is the National development and reform commission modern logistics major engineering package project Bank unit; It is a key logistics park of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" of the Ministry of Transport and a special fund support project of 35 million yuan; It is an important logistics infrastructure project for Huanglan strategic planning; It is the second batch of pilot units in Shandong Province; It is an important integrated logistics Park project in Dongying City and Development Zone.
The development of the Yellow River Delta International Logistics Port in Dongying City is: the Yellow River Delta LTL cargo assembly and regional distribution and distribution center, and the regional road freight information distribution center:
-- Construction of the Yellow River Delta Centre for the Collection and Regional Allocation and Distribution of LTL Goods, effectively supporting the development of the economic and commercial circulation of industrial clusters in Dongying Economic Development Zone, Dongying City and radiation regions, and further bringing into play the industrial and economic advantages and commercial advantages of the Yellow River Delta region. Improving the comprehensive competitiveness of regional cluster industry and commercial circulation industry.
-- Establishing regional road freight information and loading centers, improving the level of regional road freight organization, informatization, and efficiency of road freight loading, and reducing the number of empty freight vehicles and social logistics costs.
The service functions of Dongying Yellow River Delta International Logistics Port mainly include "highway port" services, LTL cargo assembly and regional distribution and distribution services.
(I) "Highway Port" services
Relying on the excellent transportation hub conditions and the construction of a regional logistics public information platform, it has attracted freight forwarding enterprises to enter the country. For Dongying City, the Yellow River Delta and even larger areas, it provides "highway port" type freight hub services such as freight trading, information distribution, and cargo assembly, storage, distribution, transportation, and distribution.
(2) LTL cargo assembly and regional distribution and distribution services
For Dongying Economic Development Zone, Dongying City and radiation areas, fine chemicals, equipment manufacturing, textiles and clothing, high and new technologies, ecological agriculture and other industrial clusters, Provide logistics services such as industrial raw materials, finished products assembly, warehousing, loading and unloading, circulation processing, regional distribution, transportation and distribution; It provides logistics services such as centralized storage, regional distribution, and zero-share distribution of social consumer goods such as home appliances, department stores, and food for Dongying City and major commercial and commercial circulation markets and commercial circulation enterprises in the radiation region.
The project serves as a "fourth party logistics" service platform, providing enterprises such as third-party logistics, industrial and mining, and commerce with industrial agglomeration, information sharing, financial support, warehousing and distribution, sorting and packaging, and inspection and customs clearance services. Abandon the traditional sense of providing simple storage, distribution and other logistics facilities services. Based on Dongying, facing the domestic and international markets, the high-end logistics industry cluster area. After the completion of the Yellow River Delta International Logistics Port project will become the "Yellow River Delta Logistics Incubator," Main and Secondary Separation Center "and" Intelligent Informatization Logistics Park "model.
Construction progress
The construction of the Yellow River Delta International Logistics Port Project in Dongying City was officially started at the end of 2014. So far, 75,000 square meters of public storage area has been completed, 78,000 square meters of site hardening has been completed, 16,000 square meters of distribution center building has been completed, 12,000 square meters of logistics and business building has been completed, and all supporting projects have been completed. All pipe networks, greening, lighting projects, and strong and weak electrical projects have been built The total investment has reached 404 million yuan. By the beginning of 2016, the entire project has begun to take shape and has independent operating conditions

Investment and operations
First, Hangzhou Gathering Enterprise Management Company leased 9 # distribution center 16,000 square meters to create the "Yellow River Delta Internet + Comprehensive Demonstration Base"; Second, it has reached cooperation with the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation to lease 30,000 square meters in advance, and will use Dongying Logistics Port as the first operating center to provide professional logistics services such as warehousing, transportation, distribution, and distribution; Third, Dongying Xinyuanhong Logistics, Guangzhou reached the hub company distribution center, good luck to information distribution has entered the park operation. More than 20 well-known enterprises such as Yuanxiang Transportation Company, Huaqi International Trade, Shunfeng Express, Debang Express, and Yuantong Express Delivery have reached an entry agreement; Dongying Logistics Port and Dongying Shangrong Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. cooperated to establish Dongying Jinda Logistics Industry Investment Fund. At the same time, Dongying Shengda Logistics Investment Management Company was jointly established to cooperate with Rubber Valley Group to jointly carry out supply chain financial investment management business.
The logistics port company collects, follows up, combs and synthesizes a number of key projects throughout the city, and makes substantial progress in the docking of major projects. There are a total of 4 projects that are clearly expected to be signed in the near future:
First, knowledge of cultural media. Knowing that cultural media is a well-known local e-commerce company that sells student guidance books, it plans to build a new warehouse e-commerce company based on the logistics port Internet comprehensive demonstration base e-commerce project combined with logistics port warehouses; Second, Deai Yi Shang. Deai Yishang is an O2O e-commerce company that starts from the village supermarket chain in Dongying and combines online marketing models. It plans to set up a 1500ping supermarket distribution center in the logistics port; Shangpin Delivery. Shangpin homestead is a custom-made high-end furniture company, planning to rely on logistics port Internet comprehensive demonstration base e-commerce project combined with logistics port warehouse to expand business volume; Oil field equipment manufacturing company. In addition, about 8 follow-up projects were contacted, focusing on the new technology projects in the management industry and imported flat traffic projects.

development planning
Dongying Yellow River Delta International Logistics Port Project is one of the four major logistics parks and four major logistics centers that are planned and constructed in the "12th Five-Year Plan Outline" of Dongying City, and is in line with the modern logistics development plan of Dongying City. The construction of the project is of great significance to bring into play the advantages of Dongying City, optimize the opening up and investment promotion environment, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the city, and achieve sustainable economic and social development.
At present, the company has established close ties with governments at all levels, acquired extensive industry information, effectively expanded the resources platform, and reached cooperation intentions with China Post Group Shandong Branch, China Ocean Logistics Co., Ltd., China Chemical Logistics and other domestic large-scale logistics companies, actively exploring mutual benefit and win-win opportunities for cooperation.
In the financial sector, it has established cooperative relations with financial institutions such as Bank of China, Bank of Communications, Huaxia Bank, AVIC Trust, and National Securities, and cooperated with the Bank of Communications to handle project loans at the benchmark interest rate to provide capital guarantees for the development of the park.
The project has carried out in-depth cooperation with Chuanghua Group to transfer the results of mature logistics operations. It has now been incorporated into the "10 Hub 60 Base 600 Node" physical platform network of Chuanhua National Highway Logistics, and can rely on the physical platform to create an information-based command system and linked trunk traffic hub. Ground services and information should be combined to enhance the integration of logistics resources and the efficiency of information trading, and to gather the highway ecosystem of the Yellow Triangle region to form new economic growth points and bright spots in the region, which will speed up the development of logistics in Dongying. Providing stronger logistics support for the development of trade, manufacturing, industrial and commercial enterprises and other industries in the region can reduce the logistics costs of enterprises in the region by more than 40 %; Promote the development of the local trade industry and enhance the influence of Dongying in the surrounding areas; Forming a new local economic growth point and bright spot, become the business card of "wisdom city" in Dongying City; It is of great significance to improve city function, enhance city image, lead industrial upgrading and promote regional economic development. After full production operation, it can gather more than 300 logistics companies and realize an annual tax of more than 60 million yuan.
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