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   jinluban hotel is located in no. 79 jinan swallow to visit, the geographical position is superior, the environment elegant, convenient transportation.
        jinluban hotel is a four-star standards in accordance with the state the upscale boutique hotel, invested by a total construction area of ten thousand square meters, is set accommodation, business, catering, leisure as one of the high-end boutique hotel. Have all kinds of high-grade, writing room 85 rooms (sets), room function facilities, luxury suites noble atmosphere, business rooms, convenient and comfortable; And can accommodate 140 people at the same time, the multifunctional conference hall and all kinds of medium and small conference rooms, equipped with perfect audio-visual equipment, can meet the business meeting, the activities of large organizations, such as administrative meetings all-round requirements; Hotel restaurant's main boutique shandong cuisine, refined two cuisine, huaiyang cuisine has luxury banquet rooms 29, bar type 1 a cafeteria, a total of more than 400 meals, h is keeping in good health, elegant meeting, wedding banquet preferred; Hotel is also equipped with exquisite decoration of the tea room, provides the hobby tea friends carefree tea leisure escape.
  According to hotel always adhere to the "customer for honour, people-oriented" business philosophy, will implement "steward" meticulous service, this guest heart, feel at home, to make every customer to enjoy the perfect acme experience!
Hotel always thinking: in combination with organic ecological industrial park to build ecological hotel group, with organic ecological hotel brand, promote the hotel ruban organic ecological quality, use of industrial chain advantage group, meet the high-end customers demand, public customers feel respectable, find a gold luban characteristic hotel management metho.
  Hotel development strategy: jin lu class hotel in the context of society in the new period, grasps the market of jinan, combined with their own advantages, formulated the "one, two, three development" development strategy.
      Prices on a insist, insist on common route that catering socialization, by making the individual market to make up for the government on track.
      Second, grasp the two big festival is the Spring Festival and the Mid-Autumn festival. Production with characteristic of gold ruban festival gifts, open the gift market.
      Three, three big market, that is, expand enterprise business, banquets and travel holiday market.
      Golden ruban hotel will be perfect, innovation, perseverance, spirit of ruban deep inside, work reveals the tenacious character.
      Believe that under the group's strong support, golden ruban hotel will stride forward, into the thriving!
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