Cultural entertainment

Cultural entertainment

       Shandong jinluban culture media co., LTD. Is a subsidiary of shandong gold ruban group one of the diversified company. Is a collection of implementation of planned activities, commercial performances, cultural construction, etc. As one of the professional culture media company. Company business scope includes sales of electronic products, arts and crafts; Business performance; Auction business; Radio and television programme production; Performance brokerage services; Gifts design and development; The third party generation mining; Enterprise culture construction; Design, production, agents, release domestic advertising; Culture and art exchange activities planning; Conference service; Exhibition services; Computer graphic design and production; Enterprise management consulting; Economic and trade consultation.
  1, in the field of implementation of planned activities, we long for the industry well-known enterprises planning enterprise annual meeting, each big events, news, product launches, the anniversary celebration activities, provide the choreography, stage, lighting, audio configuration, etc.
2, in the field of exhibition and display, from the exhibition design, decoration, installation and maintenance during the exhibition site, modelling and clever union, the space for the use of the design and the manufacture process properly.
3, in the field of commercial performance, the company to undertake the Bigbang, Devon community and chief commercial performances, has achieved very good response, the project introduction, ticketing channel establishment, media integration, the implementation of the field has the rich experience.
4, the third generation of mining areas, as a long-term cooperation unit, wanda group, we undertake Texas wanda s all mining operations, and authorized to undertake the zaozhuang wanda opening ceremony, with its entire annual activities to undertake cooperation agreement.
5, in the field of advertising agency, distribution, we as a Texas state bus companies long-term cooperation unit, undertake Texas bus shelters, bodywork, LED, business voice stops, etc, in advertising, advertising design, advertising production, accumulated rich experience in the field of advertising.
The company has a professional planning, design, execution ability strong elite team. In the fierce market competition on its own unique advantages, unique in the industry, well received by the industry and customers! At the same time with the aid of WeChat, weibo online public information platform in a timely and efficient dynamic update company. Over the years, we adhering to the serious and responsible attitude to customers, to comply with the standardization of operation procedures, according to different customers establish a project team, to do a good job of various preparation before the project implementation, at the same time we promote the professional and enthusiastic service spirit, with its highly efficient executive ability within the circle of to protect the smooth implementation of the project. Through effective cooperation, the company has won the general customers the consistent high praise, we have and become a long-term partner of many famous enterprises.
Since the company founded, always uphold the loyalty, conscientiousness, cooperation, share the spirit of enterprise culture, adhere to market-oriented, powered by innovation, survival by the high-quality, to the development of strong, visionary, achievement of excellence, advancing with The Times, create brilliant!
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