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Shandong jinluban education technology co., LTD

  Shandong jinluban education technology co., LTD, committed to the development of international education, relying on strong overseas education resources, has with the United States and domestic dozens of university has established the good relations of cooperation.
Gold ruban education company set up with language training business as the core system, development of study in English, study abroad intermediary services, travel project services and university cooperation project of China and the United States four business sectors, make many students’ dreams come true.
Today, the international flow of talent, education cooperation under the trend of rising prosperity, jin lu class education to carry out the implementation of the national talent strategy, internationalization strategy, establish and improve the core competitiveness, reproducible product and the service mode, to make influential international education brand.
University of Houston at Victoria international secretary ms Ludmi visit

University of Houston at Victoria visiting Morgan the principal line of business

Arkansas state university international department minister Mr Thilla visit

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