Road and Bridge
  Jinluban group is committed to luqiao industry for over 50 years, inheritance develop good brand of "shandong road", formed a complete luqiao industry chain, with highway construction general contracting qualification 2, highway construction general contracting grade 11 of qualification, municipal utilities engineering general contracting qualification, subgrade pavement, Bridges have professional contracting, highway industry design class a first-rank, highway traffic safety facilities engineering professional contract, international engineering contracting, tunnel engineering, ready-mixed concrete products, landscaping, road test, the ministry of communications highway engineering construction supervision qualification special qualified independent bridge special supervision, the ministry of communications, the ministry of communications special independent tunnel special special class b qualification certificate, the ministry of construction, highway engineering supervision, engineering design class a qualification of highway industry (highway) professional, engineering survey, professional class (engineering survey) class a qualification of grade a qualification, engineering consulting, municipal industry, road engineering, bridge engineering) class b qualification, qualification of surveying and mapping class c, etc, has nearly thousand sets of all kinds of equipment, annual capacity of 10 billion yuan, the construction successively completed more than 4000 kilometers of provincial trunk highways, countries in the construction, design, supervision, and in Senegal, east timor, Pakistan and other countries and regions to undertake the design and construction projects, the total output value of more than 400 one hundred million yuan. In recent years, the company gradually increase investment in scientific research, strengthen scientific and technological innovation, has obtained the remarkable result: success is approved "provincial enterprise technology center"; Approved three national method, method of 17 provincial (ministry) level; Has approved 30 national patents, of which six invention patents; Two industry standards have been enacted; Six technology for China's highway construction industry association for science and technology achievement; 1 technology. Dezhou science and technology awards. Group company has successively won the highway engineering quality of shandong province, shandong province science and technology progress award, provincial excellent survey and design, member of the national highway construction industry outstanding enterprises, the national guard contract, heavy credit unit of shandong province units, shandong province safety in production advanced unit of spiritual civilization, rich xing lu labor diploma, workers, pioneer and other honorary titles.   
Key projects
  Jinluban group with good technology and management system, I successively participated in the construction of shandong green silver high-speed, high-speed DE shang, dhi east high-speed, beijing-shanghai high-speed, beijing-fuzhou expressway, jeju chat high-speed, high-speed highway, marina DE rong big high-speed, high-speed dongsheng in Inner Mongolia, shanxi, hainan TunChang high speed and so on dozens of national and provincial key projects.
  • Highway engineering construction

    Group of 13 highway construction enterprises, with more than 50 years of highway and bridge construction experience ...[MORE]

    2017-08-10 16:28:21
  • Highway survey and design

    Highway survey and design institute has class a qualification of highway survey and design (highway), engineering design class a qualification of highway industry (highway) professional, engineering survey, professional class (engineering survey) class a ...[MORE]

    2017-08-10 16:29:03
  • Highway engineering supervision

    Traffic engineering supervision company has 20 years of engineering supervision qualification, have a class a qualification of highway engineering, highway engineering supervision special class b qualification, special independent bridge special supervisi ...[MORE]

    2017-08-10 16:31:14
  • Engineering materials

    Ruban materials company is located in known as nine days qu of dezhou, with ten thousand tons of asphalt repository, timber market, railways, gas stations, and laboratory automation SBS and MAC modified asphalt production line 6 ...[MORE]

    2017-08-10 16:34:54
  • High speed operation

      Shandong jinluban DE shang expressway development co , LTD , in April 25, 2013, industrial and commercial business license, the formal operation Shandong gold ruban heart to is responsible for the expressway development co , LTD ...[MORE]

    2017-08-10 16:35:18
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