In recent years, Shandong Jinluban Group actively handles the changes of market, positively adjusts the industrial structure, engaged in capital operation, construction of industrial park, procurement and sales of construction materials, logistics and trading, clean energy, organic agriculture, garden greening, hotel operation, cultural media, education & medical treatment and other multiple distinctive industries, and constructs a sound industrial system that is featured with diversity, multiple perspectives and collaborated development.
Group of 13 highway construction enterprise, has more than 50 years experience, roads, Bridges, construction with first-rank national highway engineering construction general contracting qualification 1, two class 11 general contracting qualification and municipal utilities engineering general contracting, such as overseas engineering construction contractor qualification, and passed the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO - 14001 environmental management system and OHSAS18001 occupational safety and health management system certification.
Group to "hold world with virtue The good faith for this The pursuit of excellence Contributing to society "development ideas, committed to the development of the industry, in the park development, real estate development, education and training, medical endowment as the main body, assisted by cultural, financial, catering for a comprehensive industrial park investment, operation, management, professional development mode, and successfully opened the innovation valley industrial park, qinghua chang gung Qingdao international health city, HuaLu letter (yiwu) all information culture and industry garden, etc.
Group innovation "industry development services" business model, based on the bridge, park, real estate, etc., optimize the industrial structure and implementing capital operation, explore mixed ownership reform, implementation of modern enterprise operation management, the development of organic agriculture, clean energy, logistics business, such as diversified industrial structure, cross-border joint development.
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